1xbet Review 2020 – Our rating and experience with 1xbet sports UK

1xbet Review 2020 – Our rating and experience with 1xbet sports UK

1xbet is a bookmaker that started its operations in 2009 and operates across the whole European market due to the fact it has licenses in Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark and the UK. In addition to providing sports betting, at 1xbet you can also enjoy casino, poker and lottery.

1xbet has sponsored the national Lithuanian basketball team in 2013, the Juta Racing team and Estonian football/volleyball teams. While it isn’t the largest bookmaker available to you, in its target markets it has a solid reputation.

As this 1xbet review will show, there are plenty of reasons to make 1xbet the next online betting site in your portfolio. 1xbet has a fantastic customer service department, a large selection of sports, stellar website design and an impressive first deposit 1xbet bonus.skinbets.ru

Caused by the OpenOdds 1xbet review

Our OpenOdds 1xbet sportsbook review has found that there are both good and bad things at 1xbet that should be considered before making a deposit. Firstly the good stuff: the website is easy to use, the bookie offers a variety of games, the customer service department is helpful and security is tight. 1xbet also provides betting on a range different products such as poker, esports and lotto. The only things that’s noticeably missing from the other products range is casino.

1xbet isn’t without its shortcomings. The odds could be improved or at the very least promotions like the 1xbet bonus could be run where enhanced odds were offered. Also the volume of live betting options should be increased as it’s currently limited to only the most popular ones.Our findings have determined that the 1xbet rating to be 92 out of 100.

Erfahrungen mit 1xbet: An industry leading bookmaker

  • Offers a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to £50.
  • Godaddy 256-bit SSL algorithms ensure that this bookie is safe to use.
  • A large variety of sports going well-beyond the mainstream choices.
  • A friendly customer service department that goes the extra mile.


1xbet: OpenOdds detailed rating report regarding this top bookmaker

The OpenOdds team goes through a process of analysing each bookie by taking a look at 10 different categories, and this 1xbet review is no different. So to get an in-depth picture of what’s to be expected at 1xbet take a look at our analysis of the following 10 categories:

  • 01. Bonusprogramm 9/10
  • 02. Kundensupport 9/10
  • 03. Wettangebot 9/10
  • 04. Zahlungsbedingungen 9/10
  • 05. Security 10/10
  • 06. Wettquoten 9/10
  • 07. Usability 9/10
  • 08. Livewetten 9/10
  • 09. Zusatzangebote 9/10
  • 10. Wettlimits 10/10
  • 92/100Gesamtergebnis

01.Bonuses:What kind of 1xbet offers are there?

1xbet’s Bonus Program9/10 Punkte

  • 100% deposit bonus up to £50
  • Use the TONY50 bonus code
  • 10x wagering conditions
  • Bonus to be used on odds of 1.65 or higher
  • 30 days to clear bonus


The 1xbet bonus is generous and is worthy of attention. You’ll get a matched deposit 100% bonus of up to £50, which means you need to deposit £50 to receive the maximum. However, since this bonus is matched once you can deposit a smaller amount and receive a smaller bonus. Once you arrive at the official site you should notice of the 1xbet bonus code TONY50 that must be entered to receive this matched deposit bonus.

To ensure that the bonus are withdrawn you need to place bets worth 10x the deposit amount at odds of 1.65 or more. Additionally, these bets have to be placed within 30 days from opening your 1xbet account. So don’t wait too long for the perfect match to place your bets. This bonus is a great offer that’s highly competitive when compared with the other best free bets offers on our list. Finally, it shouldn’t be too hard to clear this bonus when proven betting strategies are used. T&C apply, 18+.

02.Customer Services:A service you can rely on

1xbet’s Customer Services9/10 Punkte

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Well trained, friendly staff
  • Live chat, e-mail or phone options
  • Social networks also very active


How can 1xbet players sign up? If you have a questions like this then the customer service team can help you. They are well-trained to deal with any issues that customers may have. Responsiveness levels are high 24/7 and customer service can be contacted via e-mail or phone. Furthermore, 1xbet is active on the Twitter and Google+ communities, which allows you to stay up to date on their news or promotions if these are social networks you take part in.

The only shortcoming with the 1xbet customer service team is the lack of live messaging to get in touch. An increasing range customers find that instant messaging is a great way to ask questions when stuck, but 1xbet has yet to add this option. Perhaps in the future 1xbet will increase the scope of their customer service department and add instant messaging.

03.Sports Covered:An ample variety but especially in football

1xbet’s Sports Coverage9/10 Punkte

  • Large selection of sports on offer
  • From chess to Formula 1
  • Something for everyone at 1xbet
  • Constantly improving their coverage
  • Numerous niche sports


Formula 1, chess, American and Canadian football, basketball, golf, boxing, soccer, basketball, martial arts, cycling, baseball and Aussie rules are all offered at 1xbet. The large selection of sports offered is great since you can place the bet on a sport that you know well. As a bettor it makes sense to stick to what you know as that way a smart bet are placed. Here you aren’t forced to follow the mainstream sports that might not be your thing, instead you have options. Since 1xbet is constantly improving you can expect even more sports to be added to their selection in the coming years putting them up there using the Best Sports Betting Sites.

04.Payment Methods: All the options a bettor needs to have a good time

1xbet’s Payment Methods9/10 Punkte

  • Traditional payment methods covered
  • Most credit and debit cards accepted
  • Remember the deposit code
  • e-Wallets supported


The 1xbet deposit & withdrawal options are comprehensive enough to prevent any players from running into obstacles here. For all the popular payment processors such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill the processing speed of deposit is instant, which means you get to enjoy the action right away. Just remember to enter the deposit code on your first deposit – this can be found at the promotional element of the main website. For bank deposits, it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days for the deposit to be made. The minimum deposit is £10, but to take full advantage of the welcome bonus that’s offered you are encouraged to deposit £200 as a first-time customer if your budget allows it. This gives you a matched bonus of £200. The screen in order to make deposits and withdrawals is also easy to understand.

05.Security:Is 1xbet safe? Tight security provides a safe betting environment

How safe is 1xbet?10/10 Punkte

  • Gone to great lengths to ensure safety
  • 256-bit SSL algorithms in place
  • Fully licensed in the UK
  • Reviewing security regularly


We’re sure that the biggest question on your mind at this point is “Is 1xbet safe?” Yes, it absolutely is. Just like most online bookmakers nowadays 1xbet has gone to great lengths to ensure security is tight. GoDaddy 256-bit SSL algorithms are in place to ensure that data entered whilst browsing their website cannot fall into unwanted hands. Whilst placing transactions with known financial processors such as MasterCard and Visa authentication protocols are in place to determine identity.When you’re using the 1xbet cashier, there’s no need to be worried about your personal info being vulnerable. 1xbet reviews security regularly uses industry leading methods to ensure all data is safe. Since it is fully licensed in Canada, you can expect them to comply with industry standards in the security department.

06.Betting Odds: A top bookmaker, but you may need approval for lesser-known events

How good are 1xbet’s odds?9/10 Punkte

  • Not the highest we’ve seen
  • Above industry standard
  • Promotions do improve odds
  • Room for improvement


The betting odds at 1xbet are not the highest when you do a betting odds comparison, but they are above the industry’s average. The number of odds that are going to be market leaders will be minimal, but for the most part, expect competitive odds on a large variety of markets. This is an area that 1xbet can improve upon, but since it is a relative newcomer to the betting world you can expect them to catch up to the rest of the industry leaders in the coming years. Perhaps they may introduce a few promotions with enhanced odds as is becoming common practice at other best online bookmakers on our list. For now, keep writing reviews so 1xbet can hear from real users just how much you’d like to see their odds improve.

07.User-friendliness:Everything a customer could want

How easy is 1xbet to use?9/10 Punkte

  • Great job at getting where you need to
  • Easy to navigate site
  • All promotion information nicely displayed
  • Flashy site may cause computers to load slow


The 1xbet site does a great job of providing the required information in a way that is easy to follow without being cramped. You won’t have trouble quickly navigating the website to place a large number of bets in a matter of minutes. Also the main webpage does a good job of showing off their latest promotions for you yourself to take advantage of. However, due to the heavy use of flash a few sections of the website might be rather slow. This of course depends on the speed of your computer and/or connection.

Furthermore, if you use betting apps with a smartphone then you’ll be pleased to know that the 1xbet app is of great quality. Bets are placed in an intuitive manner just as quickly as with a desktop. Vital information such as the terms & conditions, contact details and downloads can easily be located. Also the website is available in up to seven languages which improves functionality even further.

08.In-play Product:More variety could be added

1xbet’s Live Betting Service9/10 Punkte

  • In-play features available
  • Many sports covered
  • Constantly changing odds
  • Lack of betting options


Having the opportunity to place bets on sports action as it takes place adds another layer of excitement that every online bettor should try. Keep in mind that the odds fluctuate as the action unfolds to reflect the events that have taken place since the start of the match. For example, a heavy underdog can become a favourite very quickly. Take advantage of all the changes in the market by using the in-play features. Use the live scores, statistics, and tips from the website to make the most of your betting experience. The betting with 1xbet in-play products is simple to execute, but there is a lack of options. You’ll find that all the popular events are catered for, but the less known ones are not covered.

09.Other Products:A range of alternative options to sports betting

What else does 1xbet have to offer?9/10 Punkte

  • Dedicated poker site
  • e-Sports supported
  • Plenty of options for the e-sports community
  • Bonus available for e-sports


Like most bookies nowadays 1xbet offers a few other options for players to try out. In addition to sport betting you can give poker, bingo and games betting a try. Popular esports games such Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive also offer betting options. This is excellent because if you get bored with sports betting, or there is a lack of sporting activity for a specific week, then you have other options to keep your betting urges satisfied.

1xbet has made it convenient to use their other products because no separate account needs to be created. Also the deposit that you make at the sports betting site can also be used to gamble on other products.

1xbet eSports Betting: everything you need to know for LoL1xbet is a relatively new provider of eSports bets, having first offered the provision for LoL and CS:GO fans in 2013. The company became one of the best eSports betting sites when it branched out into live betting in autumn 2015 – just before the League of Legends World Championship finals in Berlin. This event gave fans the opportunity to employ their eSports betting strategies in combination with the thrills of live action betting.

There are lots of techniques to bet on eSports at 1xbet – this is due to a wide choice of games and markets. Punters can opt for Counter Strike GO, League of Legends, Starcraft II and Dota 2. There are competitive odds on offer from this bookmaker, which make it a popular choice for many eSports fans. In addition, the odds offered are clearly laid out and easy to understand – so even newbies who are just starting out can very quickly get to grips with how it all works, and start making some money out of this newly thriving industry.

Why should you choose 1xbet over other eSports providers? Apart from the wide selection of the most popular games on the market, the company is currently offering a very generous bonus offer. You can get a bet for £50, just for signing up as a new member! The great news is – you don’t have to deposit a whole load of your own cash to qualify for this big bonus: the actual only real requirement is that you put at least £10 into your new account. Remember the 1xbet will only match this amount by 100% up to £50. To make sure that you get your free bet, you need to enter the bonus code as shown on the website into the bonus element of your account – after you’ve made your £10 deposit. The bookmaker has been quite generous in terms of the amount of time new members have to use their free bets too – you have up to 30 days to make the most of that free cash. When you consider that many other providers only allow a seven-day period to claim any bonus – this is a great offer!

10.Bet Limits:Not as competitive as other bookmakers

1xbet’s Betting Limits10/10 Punkte

  • Minimum bet of £1
  • Maximum winnings of £15,000
  • Relatively high minimum and low maximum
  • Not great for new or professional punters


The minimum bet at this bookmaker is £1 and maximum amount you can win in a single bet is capped at £15,000. At most bookmakers nowadays the minimum bet is as low as £0.10, which give newcomers freedom to try out a few betting strategies without posing much of a risk to their bankroll. £1 as a minimum bet might not be low enough for some bettors to have the freedom to get used to sports betting – so improvements could be made in this regard.

Experienced professional bettors seeking high levels of action will also be disappointed using the £15,000 upper limit. Finally, take note that if you break any rules at 1xbet then you’ll have your betting limits reduced.

Our Verdict of1xbet:Decent, but could be better


Our 1xbet review concludes that this bookmaker is well-balanced, but does have areas for improvement. For example, the betting limits could be adjusted to provide a lower limit, there could be more in-play events per year and the betting odds could be increased to be more competitive. However, the generous 100% matched bonus of up to £50 is reason enough to give this bookmaker a try. There are plenty of sports to bet on for this bonus to be unlocked, and the screen to do it feels modern.


1xbet Review: Opinions & Experiences of actual usersDid you have a go at placing a sports bet at 1xbet? Are your opinions of this bookmaker different to what you have read in our 1xbet rating? If so don’t hesitate to leave your very own 1xbet reviews so that we and our whole OpenOdds community can benefit.